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John Tuohy



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John Tuohy



Guitarist John Tuohy, originally from Connecticut and now based out of Westchester, NY, has performed with many groups across multiple styles and genres over the past 18 years.

Winner of “Best Band in Connecticut,” at the 2016 New England Music Awards, the progressive rock band, Mile Marker Zero has been his main group for over 10 years. MMZ has been featured in the video game "Rockband" for the XBOX, NASCAR Heat 4, as well as releasing 4 albums, The Haunted, Mile Marker Zero, Young Rust and most recently, the critically acclaimed concept album, The Fifth Row. The band has continued to gain international traction by being selected to perform at one of the world's top progressive rock music showcases, Rites of Spring Festival (ROSFest), receiving rave reviews in 2019. In addition to this, John has performed in other groups including Reptillicus, Blanck Stare, and Le Pompe, and Those Guys.

Most recently, John has been giving lectures and demonstrations to a diverse group of audiences on many topics pertaining to the development of jazz and rock-and-roll music throughout the 20th century.

John graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in Jazz Performance. His work as a private guitar instructor and business owner for 18 years has given him unique insight into overcoming hurdles and challenges that come into play as a serious student of any instrument. John has also contributed session work for various artists and companies as well as having the honor of being featured by and judging the “King of the Blues” contest at Guitar Center.

John is currently endorsed by GHS strings.

John uses GHS strings as well as Paul Reed Smith, Carvin, and Gibson guitars.

John cites a sample of his wide musical influences as Eddie Van Halen, Chick Corea, Porcupine Tree, Allan Holdsworth, The Eagles, Frank Zappa, and Bireli Lagrene .


John is available for recording sessions, as well as in person and SKYPE lessons.  Send an email to



Guitar Lessons


I have been obsessed with music and guitar for as long as I remember.  I can't wait to play guitar each and every day, and the fact that I get to share that with other people, and help them along their journey as they help me on mine, is truly a gift.

As a private guitar teacher for over 15 years now, I am dedicated to ensuring that my students learn all the tools, techniques, and practice habits that will help them progress at a rapid pace!

I tailor each and every lesson to the learning style and approach that works best for my individual students.  I get results very quickly from my students when they follow my guidelines and instruction, and therefore we can get into the REAL FUN stuff quickly.

To inquire about lessons, either in person in the New Haven, Connecticut area or via SKYPE, fill out the form below and put "Lessons" in the header, or send an email to


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Quotes from some of my guitar students:


"After taking lessons from different teachers from different places,I will say that John has worked out the best. His understanding of exactly what I was looking for was a very important part of it,being 60,I kind of knew what I was hoping to learn and he got it! The lessons are well thought out and it's amazing how much you can learn! John is a very talented teacher and musician and I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone at any age."

-John K.

"Laid back, non-judgmental, not condescending, smart and cool as hell. Lesson to be learned here, for other "teachers". Dig it!
My very smart son (;)) is looking forward to many lessons. Much thanks, John!"

-Lynn S.

"I first met John when my son started taking guitar lessons with him. Sitting in on my son’s lessons I was incredibly impressed with not just John’s knowledge of music and theory but his gift of teaching. I, myself, was a self-taught guitarist whose knowledge of chords, theory and technique was severely limited. I had taken lessons with a few instructors in the past to try and gain a better understanding and become a more confident and competent player but could never quite connect. In the short time I have been taking lessons with John I have made great improvements. His ability to clearly explain and make sense of each lesson has allowed me to make the necessary connections, filling in my gaps of knowledge, and allowing me to make great progress in every facet of the guitar from chords and theory to picking and strumming techniques. John is incredibly talented as both a musician and a teacher. I would recommend him to anyone looking to bring their playing to a higher level."

-Scott G.

"We've been using John for guitar lessons for our son since he was 10. He's 14 year's old now and John has had a huge impact on his love for this instrument. John keeps his students engaged by allowing them to learn through the music genre that they enjoy. He keeps his lessons fun and light and really connects with his students."

-Jeannie K.

"My (ongoing) 3 years experience with John has been phenomenal. I take weekly lessons with him, and each time I come away surprised with how much I learned within the span of an hour. He has an extensive knowledge of music, is able to effectively work with students of any skill level or musical taste and come up with very helpful lessons, and is always actively improving his teaching methods (something you do not find/see often). It's always a gas to have a lesson with John."

-Tom. M

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